Thursday, November 21, 2019

The possible treatment for Arteriovenous malformation Essay

The possible treatment for Arteriovenous malformation - Essay Example Management can be done by treatment of symptoms only through drugs. However, a bleeding AVM presents emergency and invasive intervention becomes imminent. The major treatment therapies include open surgery, endovascular embolization and radiosurgery. A multidisciplinary approach is usually employed to minimize the associated complications and achieve better treatment results. A recent clinical trial has established a higher risk of stroke, neurologic disability and death patients with interventional management as compared to the patients managed without intervention. In the end, the study concludes key findings in the form of bullet points. The goal of this study is to present various contemporary practices employed for the evaluation and management of arteriovenous malformations. The risks associated with each procedure are the prime focus of the study, which will also help to highlight their differential effectiveness in dealing with such diverse anomalies. Although there has been remarkable progression in development of non-invasive techniques over the last two decades, the approaches are still being debated on the basis of effectiveness and associated complications. This study will therefore also investigate major challenges faced by practitioners in accurate diagnosis and management of the disease. Further, recent research advancements into the role of multidisciplinary efforts and their future prospects will also be discussed. The human cardiovascular system is among the early developed systems, assuming its functional role by the fourth week of embryonic life. It consists of heart and a closed network of tubular vessels, and serves as a transport system for circulation of blood in the body (1). The pumping mechanism of heart forces the blood into arteries, then arterioles, followed by intricate bed of narrow

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