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The Whale Rider free essay sample

Her kin guarantee plummet from Kahutia Te Rangi, the unbelievable whale rider. In each age since Kahutia, a male beneficiary has acquired the title of boss. In any case, presently there is no male beneficiary, and the maturing boss is edgy to discover a replacement. Kahu is his lone incredible grandchildand Maori custom has no utilization for a young lady. Yet, when several whales sea shore themselves and compromise the eventual fate of the Maori clan, it is Kahu who spares the clan when she uncovers that she has the whale riders antiquated endowment of speaking with whales. Kahu is the oldest extraordinary grandkid of Kori, the head of the Maori in Whangara, Maori culture is rich with whale-riding stories and conventions. Numerous clans have their own specific legends and saints. The tales frequently recount a beginning ancestor’s appearance to New Zealand shores on board a whale. These accounts as a rule include severe disloyalties, unprecedented accomplishments of endurance, and high experience. We will compose a custom article test on The Whale Rider or on the other hand any comparative theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page The convention of the popular whale-riding predecessor Paikea propelled the film Whale Rider. The word paikea regularly alludes to humpback whales, however was the name of an individual whale in the most acclaimed whale riding legend. As indicated by this legend, Paikea (the whale rider) expected his name from this humpback whale which saved him after his sibling attempted to suffocate him adrift. The whale later conveyed Paikea toward the east bank of New Zealand’s North Island, where he turned into the organizer of the Ngaati Porou, a Maori clan. Relatives of Paikea accept that he is covered on the furthest side of the little island Te Motu-o-Paikea, thought about the fossilized survives from the whale itself. Maori now and again recollect huge occasions and anecdotes about whales by naming islands and landforms after them. The names allude to, in addition to other things, critical whale strandings, navigational pathways, and significant excursions. Pervading tourist spots with the memory of whales shows the love with which these animals are be respected. This is the sign of numerous islands and bunches of land encompassed by substantial tropical waterways; waterways with a plenitude of untamed life occupant. The Maori are a profoundly otherworldly and conventional clan that depends on the sound relationship they build up with nature to keep on helping the individuals succeed. Kahutia Te Rangi settled in Whangara, upon his whale, â€Å"and carried with him the nurturing powers that would empower us to live in close fellowship with the world. † Maori regard what the land and ocean brings to the table and thus stay thankful for them. The nearness of the plenitude of land and ocean assistants in the comprehension of the significance of correspondence and unity in inborn culture. Be that as it may, in the ongoing years around the introduction of Kahu, the Maori have lost their capacity to discuss effectively with nature and the whales. Kahu who has that natural blessing assists with restoring this association. For Kahu getting the clan, and all the more significantly the boss, her incredible granddad Koro Apriana, to acknowledge and perceive her blessing is confounded due to sex signifiers. Koro Apriana is a solid conventional devotee that the plummets of the chain of command be male, except if the clan will die. At the point when first discovering that Kahu was female he disgustedly announced, â€Å"A young lady. I will have nothing to do with her. She has broken the male line of better than average in our clan. † Koro Apriana around then was ignorant of Kahu’s blessing and his disposition towards her remained perpetual all through. Truth be told the sex of Kahu was the essential driver of misery for Koro and the whole clan. It was a direct result of Koro’s dismissal of Kahu that lost the equalization of ocean and mankind. Others in Kahu’s family, her Uncle Rawiri and her Nanny Flowers, Koro’s spouse, saw the potential in Kahu however were never effective in persuading Koro. Rather Koro accused Nanny Flowers for the explanation the clan may area due to her solid female side. Kahu’s sexual orientation is a portrayal of her human face. Her face, just as her body, is female anyway she ends up being a living together of male and female. She’s kind, delicate and conveying however can be a pioneer and a leader of the ocean. In Kahu is the unity that the Maori progenitors accept produces an extraordinary fellowship. Koro’s powerlessness to look past Kahu’s sexual orientation is a result of his customary tattoo. Koro is one of the oldest in the clan. He emphatically has faith in the male impact as the determiners of the Maori and offers directions on Maori custom just as language to just guys in Whangara. A tattoo is lasting so Kahu’s birth didn’t hold any an incentive to Koro on the grounds that she was female she didn't fit into convention; she was not a piece of the tattoo. Koro additionally regularly excuses recommendations from Nanny Flowers since she is a ladies and he looks emphatically to the guys of the clan to fulfill his requirement for the men to remain solid. In one of Koro’s guidelines he took the youngsters out on a pontoon, past the straight where the water would unexpectedly go dull green. Koro dropped a cut stone into the sea and broadcasted, â€Å"One of you should take that stone back to me. † None of the youthful understudies had the option to recover the stone for Koro and his expectation was lost and he was parted from not having the option to see a ground-breaking future for the Maori. Koro was searching for the up and coming age of the tattoo among his students yet they were not there. The noteworthy detail separated of convention was Kahu; a fellowship of male and female and nature and mankind. Not long after observed Koro upset Kahu set out and recovered the stone for him. This denoted the first of a progression of supernatural things Kahu would accomplish for Koro and the clan. In the first place it was pitiful how the grandpa segregated on his granddaughter since she wasn’t a kid, yet at long last she made a distinctions in there age and she carried an alternate thing into the family clan, her family was glad for her, and she never offered up to attempt to demonstrate her grandpa and every other person wrong, toward the finish of the story her granddad was bound to be the head of the clan even tho he didn’t have confidence in her he she excused him and. Through the social focal point managing sexual orientation can be segregating hard, folks regularly feel that girl’s can’t do thing’s that guy’s do They will in general imagine that it s folks work or that young ladies or ladies or powerless and not equipped to deal with the activity, and sex can do it on the off chance that they put there heart to it and give it there all and they can wind up making some hard memories doing it or doing it great and having the great out comes at long last, toward the finish of this store/film the young lady Kahu was tried to refute the others and give them what she came do , or that she can complete a pioneers work similarly just as the person even so perhaps better then them , when she gave them that she can do it to , they were totally stunned and astonished and it was an alternate thing to see since she was a youngster completing a guys work, they were pleased with her and happy they got the chance to perceive what se h as done to change the clan family , the change was a decent change for everybody so the two sexes male and female could do the social custom of the family and keep the convention alive and going , without no issues on who’s going to carry on it , the two sexes can have the option to, it dosent matter if you’re a female or male you have the abilty to transform it and have any kind of effect if Kahu can do it when she was eight years of age so can every other person would she be able to give trust confidence and boldness to assume the ablity of a male .

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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson E

The story â€Å"The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde† by Robert Louis Stevenson passes on the topic of duality in nature in which man is battling himself, or for this situation, another form of himself. Being a brain science major, it is intriguing to see a case this genuine over how a change inner self can control the primary mind up to where it no longer passes on impact, however rather control. So as to comprehend the control a modify sense of self can in the long run have on the individual, it is imperative to understand precisely what a change personality is and how an individual can lose predominance over it. A typical misinterpretation with this story is the readers’ conviction that Dr. Jekyll experiences schizophrenia. Schizophrenia (likewise called dementia praecox) is a maniacal issue described by dynamic disintegration of the character, withdrawal from the real world, visualizations, hallucinations, social lack of concern, and enthusiastic flimsiness. In layman’s terms, somebody who experiences schizophrenia is brought into the world with this ailment and accepts they hear voices, or see pictures, in their brains instructing them to finish certain undertakings. They have no clue about who the voices are or when they came to exist, yet in the end they surrender to the requests so as to quiet the voices. Consequently, they pull back themselves from society all the while. These side effects don't precisely coordinate with the side effects of Dr. Jekyll. Dr. Jekyll extracted himself towards the finish of the story simply because he could no longer control his changes. Nothi ng in the story uncovers him being brought into the world with such a sickness. Because of this, he can't be delegated a schizophrenic. Another general misguided judgment is that Mr. Hyde is Dr. Jekyll’s split character. This appears to be understandable ... ... tune speaks to the feelings connected to somebody who has an adjust inner self. The film â€Å"Mr. Brooks† is an impression of the account of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and how he combat with himself to contain authority over his psyche and his temperament. This is the way each source mirrors the narrative of â€Å"The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde†. Works Cited Stevenson, R. Louis. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The Norton Anthology. New York: W.W. Norton and Company, Inc., 2008. Print. Mr. Creeks. Dir. Bruce A. Evans. Perf. Kevin Costner. Blockbuster: 2007, Film. Celesty. â€Å"Demon Inside.† Song and verses recovered 3 May 2012. Hamilton, John. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Web. 3 April 2012. Florentino, Sonya. â€Å"Alter Ego†. Sonnets by Sonya Florentino. New York, New York. Penguin Publishing. 2009. 48. Print. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson E The story â€Å"The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde† by Robert Louis Stevenson passes on the subject of duality in nature in which man is battling himself, or for this situation, another variant of himself. Being a brain science major, it is intriguing to see a case this genuine over how an adjust inner self can control the primary mind up to where it no longer passes on impact, yet rather control. So as to comprehend the control a change sense of self can in the end have on the individual, it is essential to fathom precisely what a modify personality is and how an individual can lose strength over it. A typical confusion with this story is the readers’ conviction that Dr. Jekyll experiences schizophrenia. Schizophrenia (likewise called dementia praecox) is a maniacal issue described by dynamic decay of the character, withdrawal from the real world, visualizations, hallucinations, social disregard, and passionate flimsiness. In layman’s terms, somebody who experiences schizophrenia is brought into the world with this ailment and accepts they hear voices, or see pictures, in their brains telling them to finish certain assignments. They have no clue about who the voices are or when they came to exist, however in the long run they surrender to the requests so as to quiet the voices. In this manner, they pull back themselves from society all the while. These manifestations don't precisely coordinate with the side effects of Dr. Jekyll. Dr. Jekyll extracted himself towards the finish of the story simply because he could no longer control his changes. Nothing in the story u ncovers him being brought into the world with such an infection. Because of this, he can't be named a schizophrenic. Another widespread misguided judgment is that Mr. Hyde is Dr. Jekyll’s split character. This appears to be understandable ... ... tune speaks to the feelings connected to somebody who has a modify inner self. The film â€Å"Mr. Brooks† is an impression of the account of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and how he struggled with himself to contain command over his brain and his tendency. This is the manner by which each source mirrors the narrative of â€Å"The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde†. Works Cited Stevenson, R. Louis. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The Norton Anthology. New York: W.W. Norton and Company, Inc., 2008. Print. Mr. Creeks. Dir. Bruce A. Evans. Perf. Kevin Costner. Blockbuster: 2007, Film. Celesty. â€Å"Demon Inside.† Song and verses recovered 3 May 2012. Hamilton, John. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Web. 3 April 2012. Florentino, Sonya. â€Å"Alter Ego†. Sonnets by Sonya Florentino. New York, New York. Penguin Publishing. 2009. 48. Print.

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Developing Privacy in Clinics | Research Study

Creating Privacy in Clinics | Research Study Presentation Protection has some profound authentic roots, anyway as a result of its multifaceted nature; security has been hard to characterize. It has regularly been a warmed discussion among sociologists, savants and researchers (Pritts,2015). The term â€Å"privacy† is every now and again utilized, yet there is no generally acknowledged definition for the term. Disarray endures over the worth, which means and idea of protection. At its center, protection is experienced on an individual level and regularly deciphered distinctively by various individuals (Whitman, 2004:1153). Today, the term is utilized to imply unique, yet covering ideas, for example, the option to uncover individual data about one’s self or to be liberated from meddlesome quests (NRC, 2003:18). Our report centers around Privacy inside the Ikhwezi facility, with regards to individual data and secrecy. There are an assortment of motivations to improving protection inside Ikhwezi, one being numerous scholars portray security as an essential human right. They consider protection to be a basic segment of the human prosperity. Regarding protection of an individual adds to a human’s moral uniqueness (Pritts,2015). The moral standard of nonmaleficence requires protecting individual security. Presentation of an individual’s security and secrecy may influence their nobility, yet may likewise cause hurt (NRC, 2003:18). A model; if secret data is ignored on or heard by another individual disgrace, separation and humiliation might be the final product. Along these lines, without some structure affirmation of protection, patients might be hesitant to give touchy data to their primary care physician. Guaranteeing protection can advance increasingly powerful correspondence between the staff of Ikhwezi and patients, which is basic for quality consideration. Be that as it may, it is significant that the view of security contrast among people, gatherings and various societies. Regardless of how protection is characterized, it is an on-going fight among staff and patients in Ikhwezi Clinic. It is significant that all individuals inside our social orders cooperate to guarantee each patient are treated by the Patients’ rights sanction. 1.1 Research issue: Ikhwezi is a facility situated on the out skirts of Nomzambo, a provincial territory that runs corresponding to the N2 (Medpages, 2015), attempts to help their nearby network by counteraction of sickness and to advance network wellbeing by offering family arranging administrations and other essential social insurance. The poor day to day environments in Nomzambo involves the network to live limited ways of life where inhabitants are vulnerable to illness and live in poor conditions. This makes a consistent stress among the occupants over their wellbeing status. Ikhwezi Clinic is developing and battles with an outrageous type of an absence of protection. 1.2 Problem articulation: Moral wellbeing practice and security assurances both give important advantages to society. Wellbeing medicines are imperative to human wellbeing and social insurance improvement and securing individuals’ rights is fundamental to the lead of moral practice. The essential avocation for ensuring individual security is to secure the interests of people (Nass, 2009: 10). Security is a huge issue being looked inside Ikhwezi Clinic. As a gathering we chose to concentrate for the most part in Ikhwezi’s HIV pausing and advising region. What might be a powerful method to take care of Ikhwezi’s security issue? Where is protection a current issue in Ikhwezi center? How might patients profit by security structures being actualized? Who might be influenced most by the absence of security Ikhwezi center? 1.3 Background: Casual settlements have become a typical issue in creating nations around the globe because of the fast populace development, social and monetary frameworks (Ndingaye, 2005:1). Because of restricted assets accessible and negligible metropolitan help, these settlements regularly face social and financial worries that bring about poor everyday environments and transmission of malady, in this manner medicinal services is required in rustic networks. Ikwezi Clinic, situated on the out skirts of Nimzambo, helps their neighborhood network and others by anticipation of ailment and advancing network wellbeing. Ikwezi is developing every single day and sees a normal of 500 patients per day. It is boisterous, occupied which brings about an absence of protection among the patients and staff. Writing audit: This writing audit will give an investigation of protection and security in underdeveloped nations . As indicated by Gaede and Versteeg the connection among social and wellbeing causes is neediness and nourishment security (2011: 100). From whichever focal points or edge saw, neediness presents, monetary, passionate social and physical situations that places inhabitants in a condition of risk (Rose and Charlton, 2001:383 ). It denies and regularly pushes survivors of neediness to catch in getting even their most fundamental needs. Hardship in rustic regions contribute essentially to the nation’s unexpected frailty status and has affected the accessibly of human services administrations (Sankar, 2003: 659). Today, getting to moderate, great quality and far reaching social insurance in South Africa stays a genuine test for some (Gaede and Versteeg, 2011: 101). Since 1994, there have been critical enhancements in the medicinal services framework, a model; free essential social insurance (Sankar, 2003: 659). As indicated by segment 27 of the Constitution the option to get to social insurance administrations is ensured. It went similarly as making The Patients Rights Charter in 1996 which incorporates secrecy and protection as a sub heading (Gaede and Versteeg, 2011: 101). In any case, even with this law set up numerous patients are as yet unconscious or misjudges their legitimate or moral lawful right to clinical classification (Sankar, 2003: 659),( Lammes, 2005: 903) . Notwithstanding the lessened condition of clinical secrecy it despite everything remains profoundly significant among clinical specialists and patients. Powerful treatment requires precise data. Patients are generally likely going to give the data required when they don't need to stress over any of their private data being freely uncovered (Gaede and Versteeg, 2011: 100),( Nass, 2009: 12) . Correspondence among specialists and patients has pulled in an expanding measure of consideration inside human services concentrates in the course of recent years. Prominently the specialist understanding relationship is one of the most mind boggling ones. It includes connection between two people; frequently close to home data is revealed and requires close collaboration from the two people. Bury individual correspondence is as yet the essential instrument which the specialist and patient trade data (Sankar, 2003: 660). Data trade comprises of trading data to build up the correct analysis and treatment plan. Anyway a patient won't uninhibitedly talk about by and by data on the off chance that they don't feel good or feel that their data won't be kept circumspect (Sewell, 2013: 17). Protection has some profound authentic roots, anyway in light of its intricacy; security has been hard to characterize (Sankar, 2003: 660). Equivalent to in the Xhosa society, the term â€Å"privacy† is oftentimes utilized, yet there is no generally acknowledged definition for the term. Disarray continues over the worth, which means and idea of security ( Nass, 2009: 15), ( Lammes, 2005: 908). Protection has been portrayed as an essential human right by man scholars (Lammes, 2005: 904), (Gaede and Versteeg, 2011: 100). Anyway it is felt that protection is likewise a prerequisite when needing to create relational associations with others. By enabling individuals to control who comprehends what and who approaches their data would modify their conduct with various individuals, permitting them to keep up and control different social connections (Nass, 2009: 15) . The South African culture has set a high accentuation on an individuals’ right to clinical privacy. Clinical records can incorporate the absolute most private insights regarding a person’s life. They regularly contain data about a patients mental a physical wellbeing, individual connections and social practices. It is firmly exhorted for staff to promise their patients that their data is kept private. It has been demonstrated that when patients see that their wellbeing administrations are not secret, they are more averse to look for mind or unveil imperative individual data (Lammes, 2005: 904). Security of individual data is vital, as it is delicate, conceivably humiliating and private. Be that as it may, if individual data is penetrated, the individual may confront potential damage. The patient could confront social damage as a shame might be made, which may bring about a reason for social confinement. These articles show that the insurance of social insurance data is indispensable for guaranteeing that individuals’ look for and acquire quality human services. Strategy This exploration report is molded by topics, for example, security, protection in Ikhwezi and security experienced by various societies. Be that as it may, the principal objective of this undertaking was to help a neighborhood provincial facility Ikhwezi in Strand from protection issues looked inside the center among the staff and patients. Targets were set up to get this objective: Assemble data about security. Assemble data about Ikhwezi, the patients and staff. To discover where Ikhwezi battles with security by meeting patients and staff. Investigate various choices to mitigate protection issues. Propose a thought or arrangement The most significant parts of research will be to discover potential answers for lighten the security issue looked by both staff and patients in Ikhwezi, with the expectation before the finish of the examination an answer could be suggested. 3.1 Research Type Writing audit The writing audit will deal with remedying the hypothetical material accessible on security and provincial centers in underdeveloped nations around

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The Dos and Donts of Interesting Descriptive Essay Topics

The Do's and Don'ts of Interesting Descriptive Essay Topics Interesting Descriptive Essay Topics: the Ultimate Convenience! Generally the toughest facet of developing a descriptive essay is picking the topic. Whenever you choose the topic which suits you most, bear in mind the reason you write your essay, concentrate on the most crucial details to tell about in your text and don't neglect the value of senses and feelings in your essay. The essay will be so far better if the theme is something that makes emotion in the kid or something which he loves. Though, there are particular patterns that you are supposed to follow when you compose a descriptive essay. New Step by Step Roadmap for Interesting Descriptive Essay Topics Regardless of the topic you chose to approach, it is better that you share your work with the class or teacher, however scary it could be. Having several topics in mind is going to be of help since you'll finally select the ones which you own a lot to write a bout. You may also read your essay to other folks to obtain their feedback. The kind of essays can be challenging and time-consuming, and is the main reason why most students decide to find descriptive essay writing help from online platforms. Create a comprehensive synthesis so the essay gets redoubtable and therefore believable. In addition, it is possible to also have a look at our Argumentative Essay templates. Make certain that your essay follows a particular format, consisting of the correct partsA of essay. Surfing the net, you can encounter various examples of the descriptive essay. Things You Should Know About Interesting Descriptive Essay Topics 1 essential suggestion to remember is that the ideal topic for an excellent descriptive essay is one which you are in possession of a deep connection with. A student might need a topic about something which is not far-fetched because the sensory details ought to be vividly portrayed. If you would rather pick a generic sub ject, simply do it without the fear of putting extra efforts. Opt for an intriguing essay topic, and you're going to start enjoying it. The secret of writing a thriving description essay is dependent upon the collection of right topic. While writing such kind of essay do not neglect to stick to the rules of structure and content. The introduction as the foremost portion of the essay ought to be concise and right to the point. Descriptive essay topics are crucial in making up a fantastic article that warrants readers' interest. The rich language will see to it that the reader which you have excellent writing skills. Be certain you do not opt for any topic simply because you may boast your talent of verbosity. It is a good idea to get exposed to unique topics as a writer as it offers you the experience and prowess in writing. The more passion you've got for a writing topic, the simpler it is going to be to convey that emotion to your audience and make an excellent descripti ve essay. Interesting Descriptive Essay Topics Help! Becoming creative and descriptive can on occasion be a challenge. A descriptive essay provides writers a superb chance to share their creative writing skills particularly when they are permitted to pick the topic that interests them most. Descriptive Essay on Market can be employed by tourists or visitors that don't have any prior understanding of a marketplace. The Little-Known Secrets to Interesting Descriptive Essay Topics Alongside other sophisticated assignments, description essay writing is a typical task assigned in virtually all educational institutions. When you're working on your essay, you should select your topic carefully. Like every assignment, a descriptive essay has a certain intent. Philosophy essay writing service gives a vital input to students since they make an effort to compose their papers by giving essential strategies for philosophy essay writing. Things You Won't Like About Interesting Descripti ve Essay Topics and Things You Will A superb essay paper calls for certain abilities and knowledge. Make sure to follow along with the instructions supplied by your teacher, and whenever you're short of ideas on what things to write in your descriptive paper, the aforementioned essay descriptive topics are perfect to pick from. You'll get your essay in time and, ever since your satisfaction is guaranteed, you won't need to worry! Don't panic if you are not able to get your descriptive essay right. The Ultimate Interesting Descriptive Essay Topics Trick The exact first step in writing a descriptive essay is to select your topic. Be sure to create your essay totally free of grammar and spelling mistakes, and it'll grown into one of the greatest descriptive essay examples. Following your conclusion, you should earn a review of your essay by proofreading. You need to be ready to deal with any topic whenever you have the essay format. The War Against Interesting Descriptive Es say Topics Descriptive essay always includes creative writing, even when topic appears to be dull and boring at first. Writing a descriptive essay isn't particularly tricky. Ahead of writing, you've got to understand the subject of your essay! Descriptive essay topics could possibly be either easier or harder. A descriptive essay is an essay that's bound to offer some form of detailed info on a specific subject. It is a short paper which is all about describing or summarizing a topic. It may be the. A great descriptive essay comes out of a knowledgeable and imaginative mind.

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Barbie - A Complex American Icon Essay - 3507 Words

As a young girl, I was not very interested in playing with baby dolls. I preferred playing with my many stuffed animals or the only doll I did like—Barbie. With my animals, usually I was rescuing them from some horrible disaster such as a flood or a forest fire. I was their heroic savior and benevolent protector. But with Barbie this was decidedly not the case. Sometimes my Barbie did normal Barbie things, such as get dressed up for an exciting date with Ken or go shopping with her little sister, Skipper. More often, however, I subjected Barbie to strange, sadistic acts of my imagination. Frequently Barbie, in her pink dune buggy, would have tragic head-on collisions with my brother’s dump truck, or the brakes would suddenly go out on her†¦show more content†¦By examining post-war television, music, movies, magazines, advertising, and newscasts, Douglas, a professor of media and American studies and a media critic, endeavors to â€Å"expose, review, and, at ti mes, make fun of the media-induced schizophrenia so many of us feel, while showing how it has produced tension, anger, and uncertainty in everyday women.†1 Douglas argues that the media helped spur feminism by recognizing baby boomer young women as a huge market but then offered them sexist images against which they would ultimately rebel.2 She highlights various shifts in post-war women’s consciousness and the media’s role both in shaping and responded to those shifts. Douglas’ book also offers an alternative look at the women’s movement and an explanation for the defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and subsequent denigration of feminism. Douglas eschews writing a purely objective history of postwar women’s relationship with mass culture; rather, she presents her own perspective. She readily admits her own bias as an educated, Northeastern, white, middle-class woman when she states, â€Å"Like all histories, my account . . . is neither objective nor exhaustive; rather, it is idiosyncratic and replete with the sorts of biases that come from my having been raised in a particular place andShow MoreRelatedEssay on Barbie: Independent Woman or Damaging American Icon?2454 Words   |  10 PagesBarbie: Independent Woman or Damaging American Icon? Shes the classic American beauty, the woman we all dreamed of being at one point in our lives. She has long, tanned legs, cascades of blonde curls and has such perky breasts that she doesnt even need a bra. Although this character does not need air to breathe and is made of plastic, she has been one of Americas most potent icons for more than 40 years and has affected girls in ways even human models arent capable of. With 250 millionRead MoreEssay Barbie: An American Icon2834 Words   |  12 Pagesmost recognizable and sometimes notorious toy. Barbie. Barbie has become this nations most beleaguered soldier of idolatry who has been to the front lines and back more times than the average JOE. (Varney 161). This doll, a piece of plastic, a toy incurs both critique and praise spanning all ends of the ideological spectrum. Barbies curveaous and basically unrealistic body piques the ire of both liberals and conservatives, each contending that Barbie stands for the distinct view of th e other. OneRead MoreThe Rap Artist Nicki Minaj Released The Platinum Hit Single Titled Anaconda 1533 Words   |  7 Pagesconstructions of the â€Å"fat body†, the commodification and consumption of racial others and the discursive structures of white patriarchy. This music video is revealed as a point of intersection illuminating knowledge of empowerment endorsed by the female icon. This song places the emphasis on the sexualized female body from a female perspective. Although it is invigorating to hear a female black artist celebrate her figure and narrate her own sexual desires, â€Å"Anaconda† holds a deeper meaning beyond provocationRead MoreShould Abortion Be Controlled Or Handled?1470 Words   |  6 Pagesbe there decision whether to have an abortion or not. By the time of arrival at the clinic a majority of married and unmarried couples were in agreement of the terms with their abortion. During the men’s interviews their conversations became more co mplex and more diverse. Another distinguishing aspect of the experiment is their extent of their personal communication between each other. The conclusion of the study suggests that a successful abortion is most frequently related with couples in a dyadicRead MoreBewitched Is A Sitcom About A Man Who Married A Witch1374 Words   |  6 Pagesthe paces of a domestic conflict. This is typical to millions of young couples filling the suburbs at that time. The domestic conflict changes perceived masculinity or femininity of a person or their characteristics. A person’s cumulative gender is complex: encompassing countless characteristics of appearance, speech, and movement. It is mostly defined as an expected behavior in a given individual social status. Gender role is a special case of the sociological concept. During this process, a personRead MoreEssay on Disneys Medievalesque Sleeping Beauty4008 Words   |  17 Pagesa certain time in history, before anyone knew what was h appening, Walt Disney cast a spell on the fairy tale. He did not use a magic wand or demonic powers. On the contrary, Disney employed the most up-to-date technological means and used his own American grit and ingenuity to appropriate European fairy tales. His technical skills and ideological proclivities were so consummate that his signature obfuscated the names of Charles Perrault, the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, and Collodi.Read MoreHarley Davidson-Strategic Analysis8171 Words   |  33 Pages 4. Financial Ratio Analysis IV. STRATEGIC CHOICE A. SWOT Analysis B. Strategy for the Future V. CONCLUSION VI. REFERENCE SECTION I. INTRODUCTION A. Brief History Harley-Davidson Harley-Davidson is an American motorcycle manufacturer founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1903 when Bill Harley and Arthur Walter Davidson developed a one-cylinder motorcycle. In 1905 they made and sold11 motorcycles; in 1908 they sold 154, and a company was born in a littleRead MoreReed Supermarket Case32354 Words   |  130 Pagesidentifying international competitive advantage 1.8 Value shop and the service value chain 1.9 Information business and the virtual value chain 1.10 Summary Case studies 1.1 Build-A-Bear Workshop (BBW): how to manage the global comeback? 1.2 Arcor: a Latin American confectionery player is globalizing its business 1.3 Video case study: Nivea Questions for discussion References 3 5 5 6 6 7 17 19 21 25 33 36 38 39 45 47 47 47 49 49 50 50 57 61 65 65 68 69 70 70 2 Initiation of internationalization LearningRead MoreProject Mgmt296381 Words   |  1186 PagesChandra, Process Analysis and Improvement, First Edition Simchi-Levi, Kaminsky, and Simchi-Levi, Designing and Managing the Supply Chain: Concepts, Strategies, Case Studies, Third Edition Sterman, Business Dynamics: Systems Thinking and Modeling for Complex World, First Edition Stevenson, Operations Management, 10th Edition Swink, Melnyk, Cooper, and Hartley, Managing Operations Across the Supply Chain, First Edition Thomke, Managing Product and Service Development: Text and Cases, First Edition UlrichRead MoreStrategic Marketing Management337596 Words   |  1351 PagesMarketing, for example, defines it as: requirements profitably. â€Å" â€Å" . . . the management process for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer A slightly longer but conceptually similar definition of marketing was proposed by the American Marketing Association (AMA) in 1985: Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion † and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives

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The Harris Stowe State University - 917 Words

The Harris-Stowe State University began in the year 1857 after the St. Louis Public Schools decided to establish a school meant specifically for white students. Initially, the state named the school Harris Teachers College. The naming of the school was in regard to the honor of William Torrey Harris who served as a St. Louis superintendent of schools as well as the Commissioner of Education in the United the year 1920, the university had the opportunity to offer a four-year bachelor’s degree for arts and education courses. Furthermore, the St. Louis school system established an educational system that trained black teachers in 1890, changing the university’s name to Stowe Teachers College. The latest name was on the honor of Harriet Beecher Stowe. In 1954, the Supreme Court under the case of Brown v. Board of Education ruled the integration of Stowe and Harris colleges to form one institution under a merger that saw the creation of Harris Stowe State Universit y (Wetstein, 2010, p.16). Consequently, the university entered the state system of public higher education. The initial four-year education degree program expanded to Bachelor of Science in education before the integration of other several new courses. That included bachelor in science and urban education whose primary objective was to enable the need for addressing problems that specifically affected urban dwellers. The university’s degree in business administration provided several professional options. InShow MoreRelatedDeconstruction of the Theory of White Supremacy in Uncle Toms Cabin1104 Words   |  5 Pages In the novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe unmasks the unjust and unfair treatment of blacks by whites during the time in which she lived. Stowe goes on to criticize American slave owners for their irrational justifications of slavery. They use racial superiority and sub-human categorization of blacks as means of justifying slavery. She deconstructs the theory of white supremacy in her emotional and thought provoking novel. Stowe demonstrates in her depiction of the beating of theRead MoreAnalysis Of Felice Hill Gaines, An Educator, And A Trail Blazer1542 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"I put out the very best that was in. I often state I ‘m not here for myself but for others coming behind me† These are the powerful words of one strong dedicated woman, who devoted her life to helping others and who’s legacy paved the way for other women and African Americans. Felice Hill Gaines was an educator, devoted worker, a scholar, and a trail blazer. Felice Hill Gaines was born in St. Louis on September 25th 1908 to Samuel F. and Anita Hill. Mrs. Gaines Married Samuel Gaines of WarrensburgRead More Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin Essay3155 Words   |  13 Pagesit will always be known as great literature because of the reflection of the past and the impact on the present. Harriet Beecher Stowe seemed destined to write great protest novels like Uncle Tom’s Cabin: her father was Lyman Beecher, a prominent evangelical preacher, and her siblings were preachers and social reformers. Born in 1811 in Litchfeild, Connecticut, Stowe moved with her family at the age of twenty-one to Cincinnati. During the eighteen years she lived there she was exposed to slaveryRead MoreHarriet Beecher Stowe s Uncle Tom s Cabin1015 Words   |  5 Pages Mrs. Shelby and Marie St. Clare in Uncle Tom’s Cabin Brandi N. Harris November 20, 2014 A Paper Presented to Meet Partial Requirements For HIS 2111 Dalton State College Introduction Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin was a novel written in times of unrest where slavery was a controversial topic and women s rights were still suffering. Uncle Tom’s Cabin showed the grim reality of slavery and showed the importance for women to gain a societal role beyondRead MoreUncle Tom’s Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe Essay2315 Words   |  10 Pagesof the most famous quotes said by President Abraham Lincoln to Harriet Beecher Stowe regarding the Civil War and her novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin. But was she really an abolitionist? Uncle Tom’s Cabin brought about great social change. With harsh visions of brutal slave beatings, it is hard to not feel compassion for the slaves. Uncle Tom’s Cabin became extremely popular in the North. According to the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center, after the first year it had already sold 300,000 copies. Uncle Tom’sRead MoreThe Influence of the 1850s in Uncle Toms Cabin275 4 Words   |  12 Pagesopening scene, Stowe introduces Arthur Shelby, a typical southern slaveholding gentleman, and he is discussing his debt with Mr. Haley, a rather insidious slave trader. Because he is in debt, Shelby fastidiously sells his most valuable slave, Tom, an extremely steady, honest, capable (Stowe 4) and dedicated middle-aged man who was united with much kindliness and benevolence (26), along with Harry Harris, a young slave boy. A sub plot includes Harry and his mother, Eliza Harris, appalled by theRead MoreEssay about Uncle Toms Cabin and the Grief of Harriet Beecher Stowe3451 Words   |  14 Pagesabolitionist Harriet Beecher Stowe grieved over death as both mother and child. When she was only five years old, her mother Roxana Foote Beecher, died of tuberculosis. Later at age 38, she lost her infant son Charley to an outbreak of cholera. Together these two traumatic events amplified her condemnation of slavery and ultimately influenced the writing of on e of Americas most controversial novels, Uncle Toms Cabin. On June 14, 1811 Harriet Beecher Stowe became the seventh child bornRead More The Christian Stand Taken in Uncle Toms Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe2281 Words   |  10 Pagesand Women’s rights movement were bringing forth a new dimension of writers taking hard positions on these issues. Harriet Beecher Stowe became one of the country’s most well known writers who bridged these factions together with her famous book, Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Her position was not from the perspective of women’s rights as much as the rights and freedom of slaves. Stowe appealed to the basis of Christian beliefs and maternal instincts more than that of the assertive and vocal Women’s movement. SheRead MoreThe Life And Success Of Jean Piaget. By. Jasmine Simmons.1885 Words   |  8 Pages The Life and Success of Jean Piaget By Jasmine Simmons Harris Stowe State University EDUC 0223 (01) â€Æ' Introduction: Jean William Fritz Piaget born (August 9th 1896 – September 6th1980) in Neuchatel, Switzerland, would become one of the worlds best Philosopher and Psychologist. One of his best works was the Cognitive Development on children which is also used in today’s way of how a child learns as well as the Binet Intelligent Test which is still used in today’s school system. Piaget was a veryRead MoreThe Cause and Effects of Beauty and the Ideal Women Essay2292 Words   |  10 Pagesidealized and the most sought after look of the century (Banner 43). The Steel-engraving look promoted fragileness and delicacy, milky white skin, waits of eighteen inches, and what was called the bee stung lips (Banner 48). According to Harriet Beecher Stowes, â€Å"In addition to dieting, women also corseted themselves to appear thin. Since early time, corsets had been a standard item of fashionable women’s attire† (qtd. in Banner 47-48). Women in the past did many things to get that Steel-engraving lady

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Management Information System ERP

Question: Discuss about theManagement Information Systemfor ERP. Answer: Introduction This report is elaborating various advantages, risks, ERP models, supply chain management for Li Fung organization. This organization was founded in 1906, this organization is one trading company in Southern China (Young Mcafarlan, 2005). In addition to this, various approaches related to supply chain management and ERP model for this organization is elaborated in this report. Advantages and Risks Advantages: Advantages of the organization were involved within their supply chain management policies within the organization. The supply chain customization helped Li Fung to fulfill the orders within short timing (Young Mcafarlan, 2005). This aspect increased the reputation of the organization within the competitive market. In addition to this aspect, Li Fung started reducing risks within the organizational culture and improvised the economic scale with respect to the competitive marketplace of Li Fung. Risks: In accordance with various segments of business process of Li Fung. Among all of these risks, the main risk identified in this report is disintermediation. Li Fung was facing various issues while contacting with third parties for continuing their business processes (Young Mcafarlan, 2005). The organization started implementing E-Commerce policies within their organizational culture and organizational structure. Old economy involved within the system architecture of Li Fung increased their risks related to making the system architecture of their business process improvised and advanced. ERP Enterprise Resource Planning is one of the most effective solutions to Li Fung. In addition to this, Li Fung wanted to implement the E-Commerce applications within their organization for managing their various applications all over their target market. Figure 1: Enterprise Resource Planning Model (Source: Villa-Real, 2014) One model is being proposed in this part of the report for matching the demands and needs of Li Fung with various ERP applications all over their business target market. This model includes the following stages and functionalities within it. This model includes following aspects within it: Customer relationship management system, Sales management system, HR system, Accounting system, purchase management system, production and planning system, engineering segment and business intelligence etc (Fang et al., 2014). Supply Chain Management The supply chain management system within Hong Kong was advanced and improvised supply chain within their business segment. In addition to this, there are various important and effective business aspects that Li Fung considered while managing their business application all over their business processes and target markets. The organization wanted to omit the third party involvement within their business process. This aspect involved the E-Commerce applications within their organizational structure (Chiu et al., 2014). This aspect makes the organization competitive enough with respect to various critical challenges faced by the competitive business strategies of Li Fung. In addition to this, the organization wanted to implement the E-Commerce application for improvising their business policies within the competitive target market. Li Fung started to include the western business architecture within their business processes in order to manage the effective business processes within th eir organization. Recommendations Content based recommendations: Content based recommendations are concentrated on the improvisation of user policies and other important policies within the organization that will be helpful in solving various issues involved during the E-Commerce implementation process. Collaborative filtering systems: Collaborative filtering systems are one guideline for purchasing and communication measures important for making the customer and organization relationships better and improvised within the business processes of Li Fung. References Chiu, C. M., Wang, E. T., Fang, Y. H., Huang, H. Y. (2014). Understanding customers' repeat purchase intentions in B2C e?commerce: the roles of utilitarian value, hedonic value and perceived risk.Information Systems Journal,24(1), 85-114. Fang, Y., Qureshi, I., Sun, H., McCole, P., Ramsey, E., Lim, K. H. (2014). Trust, Satisfaction, and Online Repurchase Intention: The Moderating Role of Perceived Effectiveness of E-Commerce Institutional Mechanisms.Mis Quarterly,38(2), 407-427. Villa-Real, A. E. C. (2014).U.S. Patent No. 8,831,677. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Young, F. Mcafarlan, F. (2005). Li Fung (A): Internet Issue, 301-009.